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Really awesome store. Cool and unique items, and a fantastic group of people that work there. An Abbot Kinney gem!
I have been in love with this shop for as long as I can remember. Always a must stop if ever down on Abbot Kinney. They truly have something for everyone and it's hard not to walk out with something. I have been eyeing their one and only Justina Blakeney bamboo hanging chair for the past couple years and finally decided to get it as a gift to myself for my birthday. Ashley who was assisting me over the phone and when I picked it up was super kind and helpful through the whole process. Yana the owner was sweet enough to sell it to me with a generous discount for the occasion. I couldn't be happier with the purchase. Again highly recommend taking peak if in the area.
This shop is super cute. they have stationary, candles, and a good selection of plants. it's pricey but expected since it's abbot kinney. i got a cute little cactus for about $5 and it now sits on my desk at work. people compliment it all the time :)
Grow Venice is a little store packed full of curated home and lifestyle goods - everything is super cute. They carry all sorts of ordinary things but made cool - such as mugs, couch pillows, planters, water bottles and clothes - a little something for everyone to buy for themselves or as gifts.
They have seating at the curb for boyfriends to chill
Very cute spot with a ton of little knick knacks. I did think it was odd that they’re selling plants and plant pots but a lot of the plants in the garden in the back were dead. Also, some of the items were way overpriced but I’d still recommend going here because they have cute stuff you probably won’t find at another place easily\
Erin N.
Las Vegas, NV
While wandering around Abbot Kinney, I found this little place off to the side. It caught my attention because it didn't really look like a typical store. Instead it kind of looked like a garden or maybe even an art exhibit-- so we just had to check it out.

This space is filled with cool, outdoor decor and gear. They use old shipping containers to house little retail spaces that you can step inside and check out some of their items for sale. They had a dining room set up and a walk way made up of little stepping stones. Such a cute concept!

I did end up buying a rucksack for my upcoming trip! It is made by a company called "Stone+Cloth" and they offer one of those intrinsic deals where for every backpack that is sold, they provide a child an education in Tanzania, Africa. How can you pass up such a grand gesture?-- Well, you can't. Especially when your'e a teacher and a sucker for anyone who speaks of providing an education to third world countries. Swoon.

If you are in the area shopping,  dining at lemonade or just taking your dog for a stroll, stop by this little pop up shop for some artistic inspiration! It was definitely a highlight of my day to find this place.


Sheree Y.

I LOVE this place. It's my favorite store on Abbot Kinney. I practically go here every time I'm hanging out on AK. I definitely get all my planters here because it's reasonably priced and the perfect home for them!

One of the ladies that works here (Gray - sorry if it's misspelled, but cool name!), is the best! She's always helpful and teaches us a thing or two about the plants we buy. One time she even repotted our plant we just bought from Home Depot into the planter we bought. Seriously, how nice is that?

Anyway, one day, when we buy a house, I will definitely have to come here and buy the outdoor furniture!



Morgan F.

Uptown, New Orleans, LA

Aah this store was so friggin' cute on Abbot Kinney! If I lived here, I'd probably shop here once a week to pick up a plant, party favor or just something fun for a good friend and have no monies. This is the kinda store you wanna sit in one of their super epic chairs and enjoy a beer while shoppers mosey about you.

Plants, wha?!? They're everywhere and in cute little planters. Some are a wee bit pricier than others but they're pretty dang substantial ( see pic ).

They have some sale areas in the back if you're looking for something cute and a steal. I would 100% hit up this place before a party to find a fun host gift. You will get some serious best guest status.

Check out the pictures to see some of the goodies I loved and that you can send to me when you're feeling super kind. Please and thank you.




Store Location:

1650 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice California 90291