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These handsome cotton hammock chairs, made by talented Mayan weavers, are like personal clouds for people.

Kick back, stretch out, and let your worries melt away as you're weightlessly suspended in this 100% cotton hammock made by Mayan weavers. Sit in it with your feet dangled out over the edge, or lie back and recline, with every part of your body deliciously cradled. The single-point hammock chair comes with a pine spreader bar, and is simple to hang from tree limbs or ceiling joists in your garden, on your porch, or in your library.

Fellow B-Corp Cielo Hammocks, based in the Merida Yucatan, provides raw materials to men and women in Mayan villages so they can weave these in their homes. Working at their own pace, they can take care of their children while supplementing the family income. An airy oasis you can move indoors and out, depending on the season. Handmade in Mexico.



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